How do they verify tax residency?

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cellphone signal, card usage, facial recognition street cameras, atm cameras and online activity
This can be bypassed. I have great idea. Let me test this and tell you results later :)
I don't think you have to worry about that if you are not on their radar. This would only be for serious tax offenses that have other criminal dimensions.


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You might wanna think about your priorities in life... There are things that make sense and there are things that are just plain stupid and basement nerd neurotic.

Also all of these things that go beyond "proof how many days, show tax / residency certificate, no marriage, apartment etc" which -everyone- should adhere to are only relevant for high net worth usually (unless you have an tax inspector that has it in for you or is eager for promotion - all known to have happened) as they have much bigger fish to fry and this is a cost / reward game for them. In this case beating the tech is not enough anyways. They will surveil you in person.

Follow the rules or dont do it. It is quite simple. Playing games with tax agencies when larger sums are involved is beyond stupid and not even close to worth it.


This discussion makes no sense, as t this needs to be looked at for the specific country, there are not general rules for this.
UK was mentioned and they have quite straight forward rules that can been seen here.

Tax on foreign income

Other countries have different rules.

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