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How I solved my Paypal Gateway Issues


Sep 10, 2009
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I am happy to say I figured out my issue and I want to share as my answer was found in many many parts of other peoples posts.

Version 3.0.13


Customers were getting the dreaded "Order Failed" message after using paypal. However, I was getting order notification, and paypal payment. The orders would show up as pending and my stock would not drop until I manually changed to 'processing'. This was a big problem for me as I have only 20 of one item available, and I wanted the stock to auto drop as they were purchased ans paid thru paypal.

1st solution attempt:

After searching threads, I tried a code modification that was posted here that sounded like it would fix my problem. Cyprus Bank Account - Discussion Forum | Merchant Services | Business Forum | Offshore Company Formation

2nd solution:

Not to use IPN and go to Paypal standard as suggested later in the same thread.

Hopefully someone finds this useful for them.