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How to do business in an anonymous yet legal way? Need help!

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I need help guys. I spoke to several tax advisers and they could not help me.

I am a resident of Australia for the past 3 months.
I will soon need to register my business here, however, I need to remain anonymous and my details should not be available
on public registers such as name and surname ABN lookups on Google.

1) Is there a way to remain anonymous online from Australian websites and at the same time running an Australian company pty ltd? (without using a nominee).

2) If the above option is not possible, would opening a US LLC (Delaware, N.mexico, etc) and then pay dividends the Australian ABN, be a suitable option?
Wouldn't the ABN details still be public?

I need a way to pay taxes here in Australia and be fully legally tax compliant but at the same time keep my Australian residency completely off record
from the web. There is a reason for this which I cannot fully explain here.

Please can someone help coming up with a legal solution ?


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If you set up your business as just a sole trader, then your information is going to be available online. That means your full name, and the postcode of ABN registration.

If you incorporate an Australian company - let's call it John Smith Pty Ltd - there isn't going to be much online that I can find for free. I'll be able to see the company's name, its ABN / ACN, and its postcode of registration. If I wanted to look up who is a director or shareholder of John Smith Pty Ltd, I have to pay for the information from ASIC first. Yes, it's not that expensive, but it's a pain in the ass and nobody is actually going to do it.

If you were to incorporate a US LLC with John Smith Pty Ltd being the sole member and manager, you could do business through the US LLC and send your profits to the Australian company and your Aussie company would pay tax on that income because most US LLCs are "pass-through" tax entities, meaning the income gets passed straight through to members.


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Not knowing much of Australian laws but could you work around either

A. Setting up a branch of a company from abroad and running it so the company is owned by the parent company.

B. Just pay yourself as a freelancer, as you want to pay tax. Or additionally in the UK you can work for an umbrella company. So you are employed by then. You get your client to pay them and they pay you.
Or they pay your tax on your behalf for an administrative fee.


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OP did you ever got an answer to the question?
1) Is there a way to remain anonymous online from Australian websites and at the same time running an Australian company pty ltd? (without using a nominee).

I'm interested in learning about it.
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