I need 100% privacy & legal protection - Tax doesn't matter!

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by undercover, May 14, 2018.

  1. undercover

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    Hi Guys,

    I need 100% privacy and legal protection for a new project Im starting in August. We are preparing website, software and all this stuff right now but need a legal entity that will protect us from personal law suites and keep our names out of public few!

    How would you go about it?

    We can accept payments by bitcoins and other crypto only, that would work just perfect for us, so payment processing is not a real requirement.

    Also if possible mention what is the best (may be expensive) and the most less expensive setup for protect my interests.

    Thanks ;)
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  2. Admin

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    I would suggest you to look into a setup where you either ask a Trust to form a trading company for you OR you setup a Foundation that will protect your privacy.

    Take this to the Mentor Group and you may get even better response!
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  3. maxmoney

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    What do you think of? darks or advance structure with foundation and trust or a 3rd party solution / managed solution?

    what's your budget?
  4. negon

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    You can setup a Belize corp with nominees, if someone try to figure out who the BO is or UBO they will fail.
  5. diablo

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    Belize company + nominee director and nominee shareholder is what you want to look for. It's a simple way to get great privacy towards your person, creditors and lenders but also most often in tax matters. If you know how to do it, darks will provide even a better layer of total anonymity!