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Investing in the US mkts minimising CGT. Enlighten me

Hey guys,

Just signed up here, but I have been consulting the forum for the past few weeks. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.

I'm in my 30s, dual citizen UK & Spain. I've been in the UK labour market/tax resident for the last ten years, but I was not enjoying it. I left HMRC thru their P85 around April '23

My family is all in Spain

And my source of income is all short term capital gains (options and US equities). Tho I hardly need to make drawings. I'm still in growth phase: high risk high return.

I'm looking for a country/plan for the next chapter of my life. Ideally in Europe or Americas: trading US equities from Malaysia has not been a fun nor profitable experiment

I could very well see myself living ~180 days in Spain. Avoid becoming a tax resident, and spend the rest between rest of Europe/America/SEA

I've kept my portfolio at personal level. It's domiciled in Malaysia, where I'm still based.

If you were in my shoes, and trying to grow the portfolio into 7-figs, what would you do/where would you be based?

And perhaps more importantly, can you think of any good reason to move that kinda (6/7fig) sum to a limited company?

I've considered Wyoming LLC, Labuan non pure equity holding company.

Estonia & reinvesting.

Perhaps creating a private/ small fund in a couple of years if my track record is good(aiming for 100% return pa)

Thank you for your time

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