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Is N26 ok with crypto exchange withdrawals?

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I personally asked on their support chat for same nature of request last week. Was assured they are okay with crypto (mentioned specifically Binance) but I decided in the end not to use N26 because banks can be unpredictable and I would really miss this one in case of issues in the end. My aim was to recieve money to N26 from Binance. Always sending money TO exchange is way more fine than recieving fiat FROM crypto exchanges. Had this issue with several banks already, so be in any case ready for AML questions like source of origin of funds etc. But if you need N26 just try with smaller amounts being ready to back it up with evidence for these transfers if they come back about it.


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Big no. N26 permanently blocked my account because of a transfer to Coinbase (so I was unable to access my N26 money).

My account was new and that was the first and only outgoing transaction made (a regular $1,000 USD transaction).

They just blocked my account, they didnt ask for me proof of funds or anything. They don't have phone support nor offices and they wouldn't even let me chat with them either, as soon as I stated which was my account, they closed the chat saying they could only disclose these matters by email. Then only answered by email once every 2 weeks, which was desperating when you need access to your own money. Of course, every 2 weeks they would just say they are reviewing the case, and not reply again for 2 more weeks.

I had to join social networks in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. in order to talk with them. I was able to talk with many victims of N26 accounts related with crypto, that also got their accounts blocked. It took approx 3-4 months (and hundreds if not thousands of messages and emails, I even contacted the CEO) until I was able to withdraw the rest of the money I had in my account.

Withdrawals should be even worse.
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What about using them with Kraken SEPA withdrawal? I guess that should be better, as the money will be sent to another EU bank..

Anybody has an experience using N26 with Kraken?
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