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Jul 16, 2020
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People that passed this before, did you provide them to pass this ? it's a us llc with non-resident owner would stripe statements enough or do i need more ? or some invoices?

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How did it turn out OP ?
How did it turn out OP ?
Okay, so i went first with the tax route, i sent the tax revenue file that stripe give you the 1099-K, the day after they said that they couldn't verify any of that and i needed to provide them with last 3 months of stripe payouts, i had to compile screenshots of random individual payouts of the last 3 months and needed to show that they actually went to my mercury account so the screenshots included also the bank account number and the ACH TRACE ID and told them in optional note exactly how they will find the stripe payouts on my account, as it seems the guys that do the reviews are either lazy asf or just incompetent, so far it's been fews days since i did that and they did not respond yet either positif or negatively so maybe i'm out of the woods ? I really don't know lol

Whoa, I didn't know Mercury performed this kind of check. Did you deposit a large amount that wasn't from Stripe?
No, no direct deposits besides stripe payouts.
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