Latin america tax avoidance

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by RMelo, May 13, 2018.

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    Hello i live on a latin america country with high taxes on everything, i am planning to a company that operate in my country, if i work and receive my money in a local bank account i will lose about 30 ~ 35% on taxes, social security and others... So i asked to company manager and him told me they can pay me with wire transfer.
    So i am looking for a cheap solution, my anual turnover will be about $60k USD, while i am searching i found a wide range of services, witch country will work better for me? UK non resident PLC, Belize IBC, Seychelles IBC? My only need is a IBAN, i prefer with a bank but i accept a good EMI if they have plastic card.
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    Belize and Mister Tango for such small amounts will work for you! Alternative go for a Belize and Cyprus bank account, will work well too.
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    Admin i noticed that Peru exchange info with my country but dont with bulgaria (leupay) and bulgaria doesnt exchange with my country, if i setup a leupay account with Peru address i could get caught?