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List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

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I compiled a list of these providers by going through almost any post here on the forum where people ask for bank advise or advise in matters of payment processors EMI's and BTC to FIAT exchanges.

For those of you who do not know what an EMI is or what it stands for, here is an explanation.
An electronic money institution stores the monetary value in a central accounting system (the enterprise's server), or it may be stored on an electronic carrier like a chip. This monetary value can then be used to make payments at other parties than the one that issued the electronic money

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I arranged with @Admin that if you suggest banks, emi's etc that are not on the list and you think they belong to it then he will edit and add them to the listthu&¤#

List of real banks
  1. ABC Bank Mauritius ABC Banking Corporation - count on us
  2. Ameria Bank – Armenia - Ameriabank - Գլխավոր էջ
  3. Bank og Gerigia - Bank of Georgia
  4. BunQ - bunq | Homepage
  5. Caye International Bank - Belize - International Banking – Belize Offshore Bank
  6. CHEETAH MONEY | Smart Current Account | Prepaid Card - Irish Bank - Remote account opening
  7. Capital Security Bank Limited - Home - Capital Security Bank
  8. Euro Pacific Bank in Puerto Rico - Safe, Digital, Global — Euro Pacific Bank
  9. Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein - Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein is a renowned bank - Depsoit Requirements EUR 250.000
  10. Terabank – Georgia - სს "ტერაბანკი" - ფიზიკური პირები
  11. Paxumbank in Dominica
  12. Bankasia in BVI
  13. CIM Bank Switzerland
  14. Fidor Bank Germany
  15. OTPBanka – Serbia OTP banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad
  16. SBERBank – Serbia Početna | Sberbank (note: Account can't be opened with Passport only. They require a short term serbian residence certificate from the police or hotel you are staying at. They don't provide a debit card for EUR accounts. )
  17. Silk Road Bank – Macedonia - Silk Road Bank - SRB
  18. Banca Intesa – serbia bank Banca Intesa | Početna (note: Passport only, market leading bank in Serbia.
  19. EUR accounts are free, with free debit cards.)
  20. Bank Frick – Lichtenstein - Bank Frick Liechtenstein. Crossover Finance (note: they are active here on the forum)
  21. Rank Bank - RAKBANK In Dubai and UAE-Online Banking, Loans, Insurance (note: requires VISA or local guy to help you open the account there.
List of EMI’S and similar
  1. Advanced Cash
  2. Akirix - Akirix - Say hello to simple *
  3. Bankera - Bank Account Alternative
  4. Bilderlings
  5. Banqia
  6. Blockchain Banking A bank account with integrated cryptocurrency trading - Bitwala *
  7. Centtrip Centtrip UK EMI
  8. Cheetah Money - CHEETAH MONEY | Smart Current Account | Prepaid Card *
  9. Ebury - Ebury UK *
  10. EcoPayz - https://www.ecopayz.com/en/
  11. Ecomm BX - ECOMMBANX - Fintech E-Account Platform
  12. I-Account - i-Account - Most accessible international account. Simple, convenient and easiest online account
  13. IPagoo - https://www.ipagoo.com/ *
  14. Mister Tango
  15. moneynetIn - Moneynetint
  16. Monegro.eu
  17. Monese - Open a current account online | Monese
  18. Revolut
  19. Paysera
  20. Payoma
  21. Paymix
  22. Paydek
  23. Paxum
  24. Sepaga - https://www.sepaga.com/en/home
  25. CG Bank
  26. N26 Bank Germany
  27. Simplex - https://www.simplex.com/
  28. Satchelpay - Corporate and Personal accounts - SatchelPay | Build Your own payment solution.
  29. Transferwise & Transferwise borderless
  30. TrustCom Financial - Open a bank account online: it's easy and fast with Trustcom Financial *
  31. Erabanq - Business & Personal accounts for European & Offshore clients
Payment Processors
Bitcoin to FIAT EMI’s
  • Kraken
  • Mister Tango
  • upaycard - UPayCard
  • ePayments
  • Luno.com
  • wirexapp.com - Their service has advanced and you get now dedicated unique iban account for GBP, EUR currency etc etc for around 10 currencies.
Hope this can help one or another to find the right banking platform for his business.
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Wirex cannot currently accept inbound transfers (crypto or fiat) for UK customers. Due to new FCA rules they are currently operating under temporary register pending full registration. ETA unknown
Wirex cannot currently accept inbound transfers (crypto or fiat) for UK customers. Due to new FCA rules they are currently operating under temporary register pending full registration. ETA unknown
can you please open a new thread do discuss a particular EMI, thank you :)

And again, it's so annoying to have to pull the warning points out.
Is it? I have much better FX rates negotiated with MoneyCorp + they can send money anywhere in any supported currency with OUR SWIFT charges free of charge. TW has high fees unfortunately and they don't send payments as OUR, also they don't send e.g. EUR to non IBAN accounts...
Do you still have a moneycorp account? What are your experiences with it?
Do you still have a moneycorp account? What are your experiences with it?
How difficult to setup a MoneyCorp account ?
Yes I have both for UAE freezone and personal. Personal account takes less time to setup, for the corporate it took around 2 weeks. No issues or questions. They had quite extensive KYC prior the business account opening, including the contract with the company which will be sending money to the Moneycorp account.

No issues really, they are rock solid. The only issue is that you don’t get personal IBAN, so each incoming payment needs to have unique account reference number.
There are any crypto-friendly EMI/Bank with personal IBAN? I'm particularly interested in selling via P2P and receiving the proceeds of the sale on the account. (I'm not planning to withdraw from a exchange to the account directly)

On Binance P2P I see ads that use Paysera as payment method but I'm not sure if Paysera is fine with this type of activity.
Does anyone have experience with Paysera in similar cases?
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