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  1. lrotter

    PSP for low risk needed

    Hello Community! Trust everyone is safe and sound these crazy days. I need your advice regarding PSP for low risk company. The business is company formation and all corporate documents related services, promoted via website. UK company, selling incorporation in UK, EU, HK and 2-3 offshore...
  2. Z

    How do you hide your website from a payment processor

    Hi everyone, I have read this thread in the public forum Dummy website redirection for online payments about setting up a dummy website to be able to register with a payment processor with fake documents. I'm asking the experienced people how technically this setup is done? I'm a web developer...
  3. Z

    Credit card processors accounts with fake documents (Saas website)

    Hi everyone, I'm a web developer and I want to process credit card transactions on my new project, it is a SaaS website so users can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans to use the service, this problem is Stripe rejected the website (due to high risk business) but I see competitors (with the...
  4. TurnedToRobot

    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    I compiled a list of these providers by going through almost any post here on the forum where people ask for bank advise or advise in matters of payment processors EMI's and BTC to FIAT exchanges. For those of you who do not know what an EMI is or what it stands for, here is an explanation...
  5. leavingcanada

    Canadians running a successful online business looking for a reputable offshore

    We are Canadian residents who currently own a Canadian corporation that runs a very successful online business (in the legal services field). Current income is more than $500K a year. Our Canadian taxes have been astronomical so we made the decision to relocate to Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) for...
  6. D

    payment processing for my ecommerce website.

    Hi! Please, I need help. I'm setting up a website for writing service"sample writing". The parent company is registered in hong kong. When i apply to some processors, they say "essay/thesis writing is prohibited" However based on my research these companies are processing payment for other...
  7. T

    Need a Payment Solution -Starting "Adult" Business

    Hello everyone, I'm going into business for myself, within the Adult sector. Basically, I'm selling my used items (briefs etc...) and I need a payment processor + anonymity (anonymity from clients). Was thinking about: Leupay (looks good because of the bank account but I've seen mixed...
  8. negon

    Netbilling.com only for Adult or also regular business?

    I would like to get your input, do you know if they are only for Adult payment processing or also take on other highrisk / low risk business? They have been in business as long as the other major payment processors so I trust them to be reliable and trustworthy that's not the issue.
  9. aris

    Need good payment processor for offshore company?

    I'm into some regular business selling fashion so it's nothing illegal or nasty stuff just simple eCommerce. Do you know what good payment processor there is available for an offshore company, say in Cyprus or Belize? I need some company that we can trust large sums not some shady small...
  10. doxs

    What payment processor for normal online biz?

    Hi, I was just wondering what payment processor do accept Online business similar to selling ebooks, SEO services and marketing tools? As I understand it's not considered high risk and PayPal accepted my business so I would say I can use all good payment processor but only need to know which...
  11. hasan2

    Setting up your own Merchant Account

    Merchant Accounts One of the first things to consider when you plan to sell your products or services online is the type of payment methods to offer your customers. For increased sales and to attract a larger section of the market it makes common sense to accept credit card payments. Gone are...
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