Looking for Entropay alternative only virtual CC are fine

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  1. Rachel Brown

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    Hello. I had multiple entropay accounts and I was very very happy with entropay. I usually pay for services online, but I do not want to risk my real CC and I do not wait to reveal my identity. So Entropay was perfect for me considering the fact I used it only for payments (I did not use it to launder money/cashout and such).
    I have tried Revolut, but those scammers from Revolut locked me out of my account. Revolut was my alternative to Entropay, but I cannot use them now.
    So I am looking for an EMI ready to provide me multiple virtual cards I can use to pay for various services including vps, vpn, hosting, ebay orders, forwarders and such. Basically I pay for legit services, but I operate multiple accounts and I need "no name" virtual cards for my payments.
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    If you find such a card please post here. All anonymous cards I found in the past are gone today, never managed to find alternatives to entropay.
  3. Rachel Brown

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    Yes, very odd situation. I have no problem with account verifications and such, however, entropay was second to none. Revolut is a good alternative, but my last experience with them has not been good.
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    You need "no name" vc's as your payment for services warrant extra investigations. Most likely the case with Revolut. They received a complaint, investigated found some discrepancy with the ID, probably asked you to verify again, which you couldn't and wouldn't do.

    So Revolut in this case most likely aren't the scammers....
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    wait for advcash ;) ?
  7. Rachel Brown

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    Actually you are wrong. I have checked their feedback on my iPhone yesterday and there are many people (I dont think they have scammed revolut at all) with accounts blocked and they commented that Revolut likes to investigate money laundering and such and their system is very sensitive. It's like PayPal. Try and move your funds too fast and you will find ur account blocked, it has nothing to deal with fraud/scam/money laundering/whatsoever. Sadly most companies use bots and they are not very smart. And I can guarantee you no complain, because I have paid for services like VPN, website, VPS and such. Why my VPN/VPS/hosting provider will complain when I have good relationship with all of them for years.
    And just to let you know, all virtual cards are on the web are no-name, those companies just cant register a CC under your name because they have them pre-generated.
    Thank you. I will give them a try. Actually a good friend of mine used them 3-4 years ago together with e-coin (wirex) and he was not very happy with them because they have changed their policy or something. But I really shall give them a try because they look good on paper. Thank you once again.
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    Skrill, neteller.. offers VCC