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Low tax Setup Spain resident

Three partners, Spanish nationality and residence. Currently with a UK Ltd but without income or billing as we had not yet closed any deal so far.

We put buyer and seller in contact, they make a contract for the supply of material and we take a commission for each purchase made by the buyer.
The commissions are high (at least for us), we are talking about $300K to $1MM per month in some cases.

The activity is totally brokerage.

We want to avoid paying corporate tax in Spain and we have thought about incorporating a company in Estonia, maybe Lithuania or going a little up in Switzerland, Louxembourg.... But without substance at the moment.
Would it be a viable and legal option while we continue residing in Spain? In the future, if we go ahead we would like to change the personal residence to another country with less taxes but at the moment we do not have that option.

I had thought about Cyprus, but it would be more complicated in terms of bureaucracy and audited accounts.

Even so the main idea is to incorporate a company that allows us to be taxed at a low corporate tax rate and that we can remain residents in Spain. Without having double taxation or problems with the tax authorities.

Thank you for your help
Essential is where you actually working, is it Spain or it is global?

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