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Complete review on Wise formerly TransferWise
A big name in the financial world, wise is a FinTech company devoted to making international money exchange simple for its users. Because of its top-class feature of sending money to other countries at minimal charges to most banks, wise is gaining immense popularity. Additionally, they hold money in currencies of different nations for their customers having both personal and business requirements.

wise is gaining massive attention from people looking to facilitate cross-border money transfers and avoid paying massive taxes. This rising attention is turning more people towards using wise for facilitating global payments. However, before beginning to initiate payments using wise, you need to go through this complete review. Once you are familiar with its work and its benefits, you can only make the best choice for yourself.

Commonly, people with 7-8 figure enterprises and individuals with high net worths use wise for making cross-border transactions. However, both beginners and seasoned investors need to understand different businesses have different requirements. While one move may prove beneficial for a particular business, it can be a dangerous trick for someone else. Similarly, wise also has its pros and cons based on your business type.

It is best to understand some basics first for all those people looking to make cross-border payments using wise. So here's the complete and detailed review to make the best choice for your business.

Unmatched Rates of wise

If you frequently make international payments, then you must be aware of the high transfer rates charged by banks. This is where your angel in disguise, wise, comes to your rescue. This is a company that genuinely makes exchanges easy for customers. It comes with an unmatched rate of transfer. Initially, this FinTech was started by a couple of guys who faced high transaction fees charged by banks on their regular cross-border payments. Additionally, wise was created with a motto to make the management of multiple currencies easier for financial experts.

This company works on a peer-to-peer system that matches two different people who desire opposite currencies. Under its working, particular money gets transformed into another one without leaving its country of origin. Take this example; a customer looking to convert their USD to GBP will start by depositing their money into their wise account based in the US. After depositing funds, wise will deposit funds into your account, equivalent to GBP in the UK. Now, the money is converted from USD to GBP without even leaving the country.

The best part about this entire process is its low processing cost. Since wise has accounts in more than 50 major countries worldwide, they simply cut out the middlemen like banks and reduce a major chunk of exchange fees applied by banks.

A Comparison of wise Rates With Other Options​

This is a revolutionary system that is just amazing. That cuts high rates of cross-border payments and makes management of different currencies simple for every business. This system makes perfect sense for those looking to make smaller payments frequently. There is no need to go through that long frustration of wiring money to make large payments. Even if you have a good relationship with a bank, your bank will not be able to match the low rates offered wise.

However, few private-owned banks and priority banks have rates that beat even wise. Suppose you have better relationships with some Asian banks. In that case, you will be able to cut down on overall rates for transferring US dollars to popular currencies like Swiss Francs, Euros, or even Singapore dollars. You can expect to cut the spread by nearly about 50%. However, you need to have a perfect relationship with such banks, or else you always have this fantastic alternative in wise.

This is because it charges much lesser than banks charge and contributes to saving on your exchange fee. Also, it brings a quick response time and zero delays in sending money to a recipient's country. Therefore, it is one of the best ways of making international payments International Money Transfer Simple.

To put more light on its importance, let's consider a situation where you need to convert your USD into Georgian lari or Croatian Kuna to pay the employees of your business in these countries. When you turn to the bank for this purpose, you have to pay heavy taxes, and you will end up paying more. On the other hand, wise allows you to make payments in the currency of your choice and even hold up some assets in different currencies for future use.

This means if you run a business that deals in many offshore locations, then wise is your ultimate pick. Setting up local bank accounts is more effortless, but it also facilitates easy sending and conversion of money. In addition, you can keep everything well managed under one roof with wise and its low fees.

Create Balances With Multi-Currency Accounts​

wise comes with Multi-Currency Accounts that allow setting up different accounts for different currencies. This way, you can easily create a balance for each currency and hold up money in bills of reserve currency like USD or EUR. This is an excellent option for external assets that your business may need in the future. If you run a business in multiple locations, you can now create local accounts in every location with wise. You can have balances in multiple currencies and keep them ready to use as per your requirements.

In addition to this, they also have a fantastic support service, particularly when it comes to problems that you may face while managing your credit cards and bank statements in multiple currencies! For example, it doesn't matter if you want to cash $100 from a third country or want to keep it as a fixed deposit! wise allows you to do all these things on the go.

This is the easiest and most secure way to convert your large amounts of money from one currency to another. You have no other option than to use wise for managing your international payments. This company has developed a system that checks with banks in every instance.

Is wise a Safe Option?​

Short answer, YES! This is a FinTech company that makes international payments simple. In simplest of words, it will let you send and receive money from one currency to another without letting the money leave its country. You can make payments in the currency of your choice, no matter which country it originates from. wise offers a low cost of transferring money and maintains a decent liquidity rate for customers.

Standard 2% fees levied on currency conversion enable you to save up to 90% compared to banks when you are making small international payments like $100 or $250 per transaction! This real-time and smooth money transfer service allows customers to make multi-currency purchases through card transactions. This works very similar to mobile banking, where you can use quick transfers to complete your transactions. However, you will use your card and make a good-to-need purchase in this case.

Moreover, wise is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to manage their offshore business efficiently. This is particularly for those looking to transfer money internationally daily. You can set up an account for every currency and hold money in them for future payments! Also, it helps you keep assets in reserve currencies such as USD or EUR to take advantage of any fluctuations in exchange rates.

This is a highly advanced and versatile payment service used worldwide. You need to log in to your account, choose the currency you want to trade-in and make your payment. Moreover, all you need to make transfers with this company is a debit or credit card and your email address.

How Paying Domestically With wise Can Help You?​

wise is a great option to make all your payments in another currency. This is because you do not convert your USD or Euro into the currency of your domestic country. Instead, wise helps you make a direct conversion from USD to ZAR and stores it in a South African bank account. So, for example, if you have to make payments to businesses or individuals in South Africa, there isn't any option better than wise for trading currencies. Moreover, it allows you to hold different currencies and make payments in other currencies. Here's how wise makes it all easy for you to pay using domestic currencies across multiple nations:

Low Minimum Limit
The transfer amount is completely flexible on the platform of wise. You can start with a small amount of just $250 for a minimum transfer. However, this is limited to receiving countries supported by the company. But, it has no minimum or maximum limit for making international transactions using this platform. You can choose any plan as per your budget and how much money you want to transfer abroad regularly using wise.

No Limit on Number of Transactions
There's no limit on the number of times you can transfer money to or from Paris per month with this company. But it usually costs less than $5 per month to use this service from other countries worldwide. Moreover, you can choose from two plans when you start using this service for transferring money abroad. One of them is the €2.70 plan, where you pay 0.5% every time you send money abroad using wise.

A Long List of Supported Countries
wise is not just a one-stop destination for your global payment requirements. On the contrary, it offers you high cross-border exchange options. Currently, they are supporting more than 50 countries. However, this list can extend depending on market demands and other factors. wise has its roots distributed across many countries (>50), where you can easily make transfers without any hassle. Moreover, you can visit their website to check the type of currencies they support.

Transfers Made Easily and Quickly
Since it offers a variety of currencies, you can send money from any supported country to 190+ different countries. This means that whenever you want to send money from one country to another, simply enter your transfer amount and Print your wise label for sending. So if you wish to send your dollars to Georgian lari or South African rand, you can now easily make this possible with wise. Also, you are entirely free to send money to multiple recipients of your choice in the same transfer transaction.

Easy to use and Intuitive Interface
wise uses real-time rates and instant transfers. This means that your money will immediately be converted into the currency of your choice with zero fees. Moreover, wise shows an approximate amount that you need to pay or receive depending on the market fluctuations. Additionally, they are supported by a high-priority database that keeps constantly updating to provide the best possible results for their users. This makes it an efficient platform to use.

Hold Balances In Multiple Currencies
You can hold various currencies in your wise account and then use them to send money abroad. You can hold both low- and high-value balances to make instant payments abroad. You can also spend different currencies in different countries. You can hold various currencies in your wise account and then use them to send money abroad. You can hold both low- and high-value balances to make instant payments abroad.

wise is updated based on the market trends at all times. Moreover, you can also get notifications for current exchange rates for every country in the world through their mobile app, desktop application, and website. This is done via a process known as Cross Currency Settlement, where you are allowed to pay in local currency, and it is settled in their domestic accounts.

Is There Any Trouble With Emerging Currencies?
Well, there are indeed many emerging currencies in the world. However, they are still not that popular with businesses and individuals. The significant difficulty with emerging currencies is that they require a lot of assets to store them because of the volatility. Moreover, there are many tax implications for holding these currencies as an asset for trading purposes. This can also be risky for investment organizations needing special licenses and permits from their governments to hold these assets.

These licenses and certificates can be lengthy and expensive to acquire. Thus, it becomes a costly affair for all organizations looking to keep emerging currency assets. Also, many emerging currencies do not even have high liquidity options available in foreign exchange markets. This means that banks and financial institutions are not interested in holding these currencies as assets because of the lack of liquidity.

This can lead to a further decline in the value and evaluation of the assets. Due to these reasons, many corporations have no option but to use emerging currencies for their domestic operations. This can be highly beneficial for businesses that are more concerned about their domestic operations than global trading. Also, the high volatility associated with emerging currency options is best used for daily struggles and regular payments. Therefore, it is not wise to keep them as an asset for long-term investment or make profits on them due to their instability in nature.

When Is The Best Time To Use wise?
The best time to use wise is when you want to send money from one country to another. It is mostly used for international payments and transfers and is ultimately the best option for your global needs. It has virtually no fees associated with it. There are no hidden costs involved in the whole process of transferring money abroad with this company. You have zero risks associated with using this platform as well.

There are no hidden costs involved in the whole process of transferring money abroad with this company. You have zero risks associated with using this platform as well. The whole process of using this company is pretty straightforward. You only need to open an account and link it with your debit card or credit card. This can be done in just a few minutes when you finally decide to use wise as your preferred international payment provider.

Once you have opened an account on their website, you must send a successful application for a terminal transfer form to their headquarters in London. You should do so by answering several questions they provide for you at the time of application. These questions are also sent to the mobile number that you enter to request it. After screening all the applications, they give you a confirmation of approval. This is usually done in a few minutes, and you can then initiate the next step of using this company to transfer money abroad.

How Much Does wise Cost?​

The cost of using wise to send money abroad depends on your situation and the purpose you need it. You can either choose from their five plans or one of the three one-time payment options they offer. The different plans have varying fees associated with them. However, all these plans have zero fees associated with them. The fee you pay is equivalent to the amount you transfer. As long as it is less than your total sum, zero fees are involved.

This is different from the one-time payment options, with many costs associated with them. These payments are not charged afterward but when you make a regular transaction using them in the future. There are also some other cost considerations you need to always have in mind. There are some other cost considerations you need to always have in mind.

Firstly, it is cheaper if the recipient has a bank account with wise because you can use the exchange rate for free for bank accounts. The fees are usually around £0.80 per transaction, which wise charges under certain terms and conditions. However, there is still a possibility of reducing these fees further via promotional offers and various discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the total transfer fee for sending money abroad using wise?
You need to pay a fixed amount of £2 to send money to this company. This includes £1.50 as the minimum per transaction that you need to pay. The rest of the amount will be charged in three different ways according to your actual use of coming up with a particular plan or one-time payment option requested by them.

When do I get my money?
You will receive your money when the recipient gets it directly from their bank. You will get an email with a digital copy of the transaction details once your recipient has finalized it. Once you receive this unique digital record, you can start using it to send money to anyone else in any country you wish to send it to.

Can I use wise if my recipient does not have a bank account?
Yes, this is one of the benefits of using this platform since they also allow users with no bank accounts to use their services. However, to avail of these services, most recipients would need an account with wise first before they can be set up for transfer purposes.

Why wise changes its name to Wise?
Since its launch in 2011, wise has grown into a large community of 10 million personal and professional customers using it for sending money abroad. However, in February 2021, the company changed its name to "Wise ."This depicts the company's three products for their customers, Wise, Wise Business, and Wise platform.

Final Words​

That’s all about wise, a reputable payment service in the FinTech world that you can use to send money abroad without worrying about hectic charges. As mentioned earlier, international payments are not only expensive but also time-consuming. However, this company has changed the face of global payments by coming up with a new and innovative solution to deal with these issues. wise is the best company that helps you make cross-border payments simple. It helps you to do everything instantly and effortlessly.

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