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Hi Admin and folks :D

I just want to push the Mentor Group a little. I know some people here find it less attractive to join the mentor group because they could not find what they were looking for. Others are happy with their subscription, me included.

If you are looking for tax advice or advice from an professional, Mentor Group may not be for you. If you are looking for TOTAL PRIVACY, tricks and hint's on how to stay under the radar, Mentor Group is 4 YOU!!!

Don't expect people to spoon feed you there, I tried and got rude replies because my questions were to, let's say, general. So I spent some hours reading the threads, I even read the very old threads, they may be from the very beginning of this forum, and thought it wasn't useful. Then I went to an EMI provider, first time I had to look into it and figure out it was impossible for me (unless I pay a lot of money) to provide all the documents required.!! Even if I provided the docs and info my entire person was revealed on the Internet!

So I looked into a company setup in the UK, it's cheap & fast! I like it. Again, lot's of personal information and documents had to be provided.

I put it all on hold for a while because I couldn't get the big overview of all of this. So I went back to this forum and the mentor group. Start reading everything again and then stupi#21BANGstupi#21 I got it.

It took me lot's of time, lost money and was frustrated sometimes, but today I'm happy for every minut and € I put into it.

Maybe it can help a few people here fin4774"fin4774"
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I'm considering to subscribe to the mentor group gold. I want to know if you can air just a little bit if I can find a way to get a anonymous company setup?

This is most often what you can find information about inside the Mentor Group Gold, yes. As @thirtyniner already mentioned you what's not allowed in the public forums you can find inside the Mentor Group Gold forums!
Thank you for your replies, I will be signing up for the membership later today or tomorrow, I love this forum thu&¤#
just paid with paypal, thanks guys for this awesome forum you are outstanding :D

New here, want to know if you think it is worth the money. I have lurking this forum for month, joined today and want to join mentor group gold. Can I have your comment please?
It is worth all the money for some and not worth the money for others it will depend totally on what it is you look for.
I'm in, thank you for this great opportunity it is wonderful to be one of the elite members.
Thank you, your membership is much appreciated, I hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for, hit me up if there is anything I can help with :)
I upgraded my account, first look inside the mentor group is fantastic. Thanks for the unlimited source of information, you do it really good.
Thank you very much, your support tp the forum is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Mentor Group Gold forums ;)
When I had just paid and logged in to Mentor Group Gold, I did not really think there was anything special here and was just about to complain.

So I decided to start by taking section by section and studying them closely. After just 30 minutes, I found out what it was I had paid for and I was actually overwhelmed. In a way, I was left with a feeling that I was engrossed in all that knowledge, at the same time that I decided to try something of everything I had read.

Now here, shortly after, I have no doubt at all that without the mentor group I would not have learned or been able to make my own "dark" setup.
For a long time I have been searching for information about anonymity when I do business on the Internet. It has been totally impossible for me to find head and tail in it, or just to find a solution.

After I gained access to Mentor Group Gold, it all suddenly dawned on me, I found out how these darks and all the other techniques used to keep one's identity hidden worked.

Thanks to OffshoreCorpTalk and thanks to Mentor Group Gold, it's damn good work.
I have been on / off with my Mentor Group Gold membership. It is not always that I have time to read everything that is written about, not to mention try out the methods, but still I am curious enough that I come back regularly and pay my membership with joy.
I have been a member of this forum for a number of years. I have seen how it has grown and how it has evolved into something absolutely amazing and still grows and expands every day. Thanks to the Admin and who may be behind this great work. I am a proud member of Mentor Group Gold. The constant new initiatives and information flowing to Mentor Group members are just unique.
I did it, signed up for mentor group gold.

Now I'm very excited about what it is I can find here. My primary goal is to find a good solution for an anonymous company structure for an investment.
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