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Mentor Group Gold Exclusive - Video Interviews

Mentor Group Gold - Exclusive Videos

The OffshoreCorpTalk forum is fully dedicated to providing educational resources, guides and partnerships to those interested in starting or expanding their offshore ventures.

Whether you’re interested in starting a business in Georgia due to the low taxing system or you need to know more about permanent residency to Portugal, we’ve got you covered.

But as some of you may have noticed in both the regular forums and the Mentor Group Gold sections of the platform, there are quite a few advertisers or businesses offering their services. Which one is the best? Reviews and discussions will usually point you in the right direction.

From a business owner’s point of view, standing out in the crowd is much easier when you actually take advantage of the tools we’ve introduced. And our exclusive interviews are some of the best options.

What’s the OffshoreCorpTalk exclusive interview section?​

Whether it comes to top advertisers or sponsors on the OffshoreCorpTalk forum, we conduct exclusive interviews with business owners, managers or someone in the leadership.

Our interviews are brief and straight to the point, taking anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. We'll ask more questions about the business, the services offered, and what features make the respective business stand out.

To help you get an idea about our exclusive interviews, check out the following links (You need a Mentor Group Gold membership to watch the videos) :
  • IBCCS Tax gathers together a team of tax planning advisors ( represented by the user @Don ) offering any kind of service related to taxes. From planning and advice to legal matters, IBCCS Tax is excellent for both local and international solutions.
  • CEO Nebil Zubari from The Kingdom Bank talked to us a while ago about the requirements to use this bank, currencies offered and possible limitations, opening new horizons for people interested in a more inclusive bank.
  • Discuss Holding management has also taken the time to discuss the benefits of gaining second citizenship and what kind of requirements you need to pay attention to. The company specializes in helping with citizenship and residency through investments.
  • PB Services helps those looking for opportunities in Georgia and its tax free zones. We discussed the potential opportunities and challenges involved and how offshore entrepreneurs can benefit from the former Soviet Union country.

What’s in it for you?​

Most importantly, the OffshoreCorpTalk exclusive interviews are FREE. Indeed, time is money, and we will "waste" up to half an hour of your precious time, but you'll soon figure out it's excellent value for money.

Here’s what’s in for you:
  • Exposure. Your interview will be published, offering exposure to the business and its professional services.
  • Credentials. Potential customers want to see and meet the people behind a business, as the concept boosts confidence in its services.
  • Answers. Some potential customers might be confused about what the business has to offer. We make sure to ask the right questions and clarify everything.
  • Clientele. Our previous interviews helped the respective businesses gain more clientele due to the exposure. It’s not us saying it, but the people we’ve interviewed.

What’s in it for us?​

You probably ask yourself what we gain out of this, and we'll be honest with you. We run the OffshoreCorpTalk forum as an educational platform, a discussion board where entrepreneurs meet and find solutions to everyday problems.

Our interviews help the community, and that's the only benefit we have. As long as the OffshoreCorpTalk community thrives, we're happy with it.
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All the best with the project.

It seems that many of the service providers offering their services here are afraid to show who they are, which is a rather poor attitude if one wants to do business.
I am quite certain that some of the service providers here could greatly benefit from conducting a video interview, which could then form the basis for the many decision-makers who are also here to do good business.
Personally, I have the opinion that some services and thereby their service providers may well remain hidden if they are more comfortable with that. I remember that Newera wore sunglasses in a video until it was removed. His service was of such a nature that it probably required more than just sunglasses, we are probably more in total eclipse or just audio.

But for all the ordinary services, there are these users who claim to be professionals and even lawyers, I am very hesitant and would much rather see and hear them before I use their services.
Mode video interviews please!

We spend thousands of euros each months with very few providers from here in services. From time to time I try new one, sometimes we get burned other times jackpot. Just want to get the rate down where we get burned
I am looking forward to more of these video interviews. In fact, today I referred a service provider of BVI and Cyprus companies to sign up here and contact you with the intention of doing an interview. They sounded very interested.
Everyone with a genuine desire for advice and guidance on true and practical solutions should consider upgrading their account. I can't see why one wouldn't do it if the goal is to establish a stable, secure, and partially anonymous corporate structure before starting an online business.
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