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Jul 27, 2009
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Is this place a reliable paypal alternative? It looks like a good deal, but the site itself doesn't look all that re-assuring. Anyone used it?

(sorry I couldn't link to it, I haven't made enough posts here yet)
I'm not aware of if your question just was a way to try to spam your services or if it is real, my doubt comes that the company in question has nothing to do with any PayPal alternative nor is it a e-currency, it is a new ISO which is providing merchant accounts like the many hundred other companies.

Are you the owner of this company?
Uhmmmm, used what? Anyway, if you cannot process a credit card payment online just forget the idea of selling online.True,You can always use your own credit card merchant if you can bear the extra cost and go through the months long verification process. The point is, I am so happy to the fact that I am using 3 great alternatives to paypal at the moment and Have been able to both accept credit card payments and successfully withdraw them. I was waiting for my alertpay checks to arrive to write this post So I can declare without any doubts that all 3 alternatives have been tried Tested and have been successful.
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