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Dec 29, 2008
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In the effort to make this discussion forum a better place to be and stay, we, today add several new forums and sub forums to Merchant Services.

The Marketplace, is a place for all you which are looking to sell or offer any services of products.

E-Currency, since the Internet era is changing our all day to day trading and the way we pay for services or products bought, then we find it useful to add the additional sub forums : Liberty Reserve and e-Currency Exchange Services.

Please read the respective forum rules when you are going to post or open new threads.

Good luck to all of you, now start trading :)

Thank you all for participating and your support.
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clemens said:
This is really a nice udate, thank, just some problems with the permission as I see it. My post count is above 15 and I can't start any Threads in the Marked Place?
Please updated when fixed.
Thank, the issue is solved now. It was a schedule which need to be run.
This is really a nice move, Im preparing the first sales articles now.

Thank you Guy's.

Just found those

Merchant Services and Discussion Forum, Press Release No 8


Merchant Services and Discussion Forum, another press release.

Nice move :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Thanks’ to all of you, this is a really great move, I was astonished when I went in here today.... really, nice with the new skin and all the new forums.

I will be pretty sure that this will give a bigger community.