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Move to UAE, wait 6 months and cash out tax free, is it that simple?

This varies wildly depending on the country.

We should clear up some assertions made about the UK though. If you acquired the crypto legally while UK tax resident (e.g. from tax paid earnings) and HODLd it, you can go to UAE and cash out as there is no exit tax at that point. However if you become UK tax resident again within 5 tax years then you are taxed on the gains when cashing out in UAE. They call it "temporary non residence".

UK capital gains tax is not just tax when cashing to crypto. If before leaving, you did crypto to crypto trades then there were required to be taxed (subject to minimums).

These types of rules are very different from place to place so any "one size fits" all advice is dangerous.
Beside this guy only want to stay in the UAE / Dubai for 6 months, what if you stay there for the next 5 years, if so, you want get taxed on your crypto cashout at all right?

How easy is it in Dubai to get say 500,000$ our in cash or in Gold or something not related to a bank account?