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Nameless Debit Cards GIFT cards, are they safe to use?


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Jan 2, 2009
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It is very complicated to do anonymous offshore banking and the risk they will catch you is high, now I wondering if a nameless card will hide your information and if it is safe to use?

Alternatives might be GIFT cards, how does they work and are they better in regards to privacy and to anonymous banking?
It isn't complicated with offshore banking, you just need a good company structure behind it, have the debit- credit card directly registered for the offshore company as a business card as well as the bank account.

Nameless debit cards won't help you, it isn't difficult for any authority to trace the account / card holder, you will need to have a corporated debit card which don't have your name on.

GIFT cards are the most used tool for anonymous cards but they are also somehow complicated to use and you won't get all the banking facilities with the that card as you know it from real offshore business bank accounts.
I heard, that some banks have the cards on stock, they come with IBAN number to transfer money to the card account, and the card has no name listed on it.

This might be a nameless card as in question here?
Gift card or anonymous debit card from Tanzania may be the solution, also it could be there are other options, I heard about a secret bank in Uruguay and Costa Rica as well as Antilles who have top secret debit cards. Only problem is you need to be a very good client of someone who knows these banks :)
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