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Need Iban and Swift for crypto based business? Any recommendation...

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Hey All,

I am looking for business banking account for crypto based business and looking for IBAN and SWIFT account?
Can you provide some recommendation.


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Do check out bankera and some whitelisted services available in the MG, you havnt provided much info on your exact needs, your current jurisdiction,short term-long terms goals..

That would enable members relay appropriate suggestions based on the criterias provided/needed.cig-:,


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Company is in estonia with a licence.
Looking for bank accounts to receive money from Asia and Brazil
For that opsec, you would need a bank + debit card high daily withdrawal limits..
It has to be a bank thats global enough to receive funds from the aforementioned jurisdictions..which would have unionpay capability for additional ease for paying asian clients and asian correspondence..cig-:,


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Try Transferwise and speak with them about your options or Kraken, they can help I'm sure.
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