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    I am running a hosting business and looking to get an offshore company registered + Company Bank Account (For bank wire) + Paypal account for online payments. Please guide me which country suite me best with least expenses and annual fees plus bank account with paypal, online banking + debit card. I need debit card to cash out funds any where in the world. I searched for this on google and browsed many sites but I am not sure which one is reliable, there could be a scam which I want to avoid. I am from Asian country and want some credible country to mention address and get benefit of online payments plus bank wire. Please guide me in this regard.
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    Welcome aboard hope you enjoy your stay.

    I'm looking into something similar just not for a hosting business but SEO services for the BH market. From my research I found so far the only valid solution to be a offshore company with full nominee services. The jurisdictions I have seen so far that are accepted by paypal are BVI and Cyprus, however, I'm still looking for alternatives to get the costs down.
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    OK. If you will finalize than do let me know, I am also searching on it and hope so will get some credible and reliable one sooner.
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    You want to take into consideration that you need a VPN to connect to paypal once you have found the jurisdiction of your choice! Are you sure BVI is accepted by PP? Alternative would be UK or Malta you just don't get the same tax benefits as Cyprus. jawadhk where are you from?
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    I am from Pakistan. I don't know about PP in BVI but it is allowed in Cyprus .... I also considered UK but taxes are very high in UK. Can you guide me related to Cyprus? How much it cost in Cyprus Company Reg + Bank Account with debit card & internet banking ...
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    Does somone knows about Gibraltar or Netherlands, what's tax rates in the two countries and costs? Cyprus works fine for our setup also with PayPal and WireCard for credit card processing. 2co.com may be a great alternative to costly setups. They accept PayPal payments and simple offshore corps i.e. Belize and Seychelles.
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    Seychelles is having lower startup cost, no taxes. Paypal is also available, 2co.com is best alternative for credit card payments. Can you tell me about reliable company to setup all for us ....
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    A Cyprus company with bank account and full nominee service starts at 3000 Euro and up, depending on what other services are required. To get a quote you may submit a ticket to our sales More... - I can't provide fees here.
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    You got a ticket from us too, ready to try your service a second time.
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  12. bothe

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    I was wondering what the setup will look like towards PayPal? The bank account and Company setup is easy and clear but how do you go about it with PP?
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  13. Cauddyensutty

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    I bought Belize company from Admin because it was ready made else I would have wanted a Seychelles company from them. Now I'm looking for other offshore country to open company maybe in Mauritius or Panama.
  14. alain

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    If you are going to need paypal and you want to put your operation into an offshore entity you want to use 2co for your payment processing. This will give you a much broader choice of offshore jurisdiction to incorporate and naturally for your offshore banking. To get started and because it is all new to you (it seems) I would use an Seychelles or Belize entity because it is cheap and fast to incorporate.
  15. drillbill

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    OP did you find a solution that works for you or are you still doing research?
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  16. khan

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    Did you find any setup that fits what you were looking for?
  17. protain

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    If you have problems to find any working solution for this, you may simply get yourself a mentor group access, there you will find a solution for what you are looking for.
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  18. ProtectAssets

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    You will have a really hard time opening a company paypal account for a Seychelles, BVI etc. company. In most cases it's not possible, unless you go with Gibraltar or Hong Kong. But then you need a bank account in the same country, which is more complicated.

    A better solution is just getting an offshore merchant account, to accept credit card payments. Anything you earn from clients is then deposited in your secure bank account by wire transfer, which has a debit card that can be used anywhere in the world. Easy simple, and straight forward. Not that expensive to do either.
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  19. ImKing

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    What you suggest for a setup of offshore company + bank account + paypal, everything total anonymous?
  20. waltercrane

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    If OP still looking for an Online payment, I can suggest Payoneer for you. But it needs a National ID card in registration form.
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