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I am solo trader and looking a way establish offshore company to buy and sell crypto currency.
Company would trade only with their own money - when I get request from customer I would purchase crypto from any excahnge to company "stock" balance and re-sell it with invoice end customer as digital goods.
would I need special trading/brokerage license for such company ? or simple offshore enough ?
I am EU citizen if that matters


hannibal the cannibal
Trading personal funds don't require any license. It's going to be difficult to find any bank that will accept your business model. You want to look for EMI account providers for your offshore company in order to make this work.


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You can do the entire thing with a corporate Kraken account, Belize corp and Mister Tango bank account.


use a mistertango account for exchanging from btc to eur or USD it Works great. You can open a business account at with any offshore Company!


Can i open an account with mistertango and withdraw with the card if i live in a third world country?
They say they accept users and Companies from Worldwide without limitations, not sure what country you live in so I would say yes you can open an accoutn with them.
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