Offshore Company (non Cyprus) + Cyprus Bank Account + Moneybookers. Possible?

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Hi everyone,

I am writing this post because I have some questions I would like to be answered, so, if anyone can do that, I will appreciate it very much.

As the title says, I am interested in registering an offshore company in a jurisdiction where I won't need to have any accountancy and tax free, so Cyprus is not of my interest. However, I have read out there a lot of recommendations for opening a Cyprus bank account for an offshore company (even if it's outside Cyprus, or more than that, SPECIALLY if it's outside Cyprus), because of the good privacy and service of the Cyprus banks. So if we do that, we would have the fantastic combination of: no accountancy, no tax, privacy, good banking service and, if Moneybookers lets us do that, a good payment gateway to receive payments online.

And here come the questions:

1. Does anyone have any experience in doing this or something like this?

2. Does anyone know if Moneybookers (now Skrill) will let us do that?

3. Which jurisdiction would you recommend to me? (I am interested in BVI, I have read that it's in the white list of the OECD and, beside of that, I have read it needs no accountancy and is a tax free jurisdiction).

4. Which registrar company would you recommend for me to register the company with? I have been seeing the SFM-Offshore ads in every website I go but, after contacting them, I've checked their commercials are not what you would call experts, and I have to be doubt free before spending the quantity the companies are used to charge for this service and, as you can see, at this moment I am full of doubts.

5. Does anyone know if it's true that BVI companies don't need any accountancy? In most sites I've been I've read that not, but in one of them, I've read that BVI companies DO REQUIRE accountancy but they DON'T REQUIRE audited accountancy. Honestly I don't understand even what "audited accountancy" is, so in this point you can say I am a little lost.

Well, that's all. If you are reading this and you can answer even one of my questions I will thank you very much. If you also want to say something more than anyone reading this post could find interesting, please do it.

Kind regards to everyone!


Offshore Agent

Considering payment providers if you will run business that doesn't require license and isn't consider high threat you should get your application accepted. Consider though Cyprus don't accept offshore companies without some good business plan and perspectives.

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