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Offshore to hide ownership with ITA residence

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Hello guys! I am going to start dating (possibly adult) business and I have a question. I am reading the forum some days and many questions are clear to my but some stays. Website that I am going to use is not a legit copy, so I want to hide the owner of it from public, but as all psp require to have company name/address on it I am thinking to open some US LLC or UK LLP to hide the ownership (not sure about UK). I am resident of Italy, so as I understood even with USA LLC I need to pay taxes here? As I understood from forum, nowadays the best way is to open bank account in USA for LLC then send bank transfer to Italy and pay income tax here, is it working thing? Or for this LLC need to open better some EMI account, like trasferwise? Thanks in advance.


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You have to pay income taxes on everything, even undistributed profits.

Also the income will be taxed as income instead if dividends.

If you really want to stay in Italy relatively safe a single member LLC owned by a Panama foundation could work but require you to invest money.

If I were you I would move to San Marino or Swiss.
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