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Offshorecompany, SFM Offshore, ICO Services - are they good?


New member
I'm a EU citizen living in Portugal and looking for opening an Offshore Comapany and Offshore Banking Account to optimizing my tax rate and another company to protect my assets. The main activity for the first company will be construction market, civil engineering, architecture project, interior design. And I would also like to include as a second but not main activity the import and export of wines and import and export of rough and polished diamonds.
I've heard that Seychelles for the diamond business is not safe and Hong Kong will be the best option. If it is just for construction market, civil engineering, architecture project, interior design, Seychelles will be a good option.
I pretend to receive payments from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Brasil. The majority payments will be from Europe.
Looking for a Licensed Trust Officers I found Offshorecompany, SFM Offshore, ICO Services, but a lot of reviews says that they are not reliable. Anyone could please post a company that will do a reliable job?
Mentor Group
Mentor Group