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OnlyFans friendly bank

Paxum.com is adult-friendly and they give you an IBAN number from Paxumbank. They have been around for quite some time in the adult industry. Not somewhere I would keep alot of money, but you can at least use it to accept the money before transferring it elsewhere from "not onlyfans"
I agree, adding e.g. Cosmopayments to the possible options. However, OnlyFans account operated via US LLC by a Paraguayan resident is really a little bit toxic setup :( – isn't it possible to restructure it somehow?
how do they work, closed enviroment where only cosmopayments customer can pay and receive payments?
Disclaimer ;) – my information might not be up to date:
Roughly 1-2 months ago it was so, a specific ecosystem with some possibility to receive payments from outside (OnlyFans worked) and the only possibility to withdraw assets by converting to crypto and sending anywhere you wish...

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