Opening bank account in the name of trust/foundation/IBC

I'm still working on coming up with a solution to trade and invest on foreign brokerages that generally forbid Americans. While I am aware of options with solo 401k and business trust IRA structures, I'll also need to use an IBC to make money that isn't going into a retirement account. I think the thing I get hung up on is making sure a bank account is in the name of the legal entity. The brokerages want to know that the legal entity registering is not purely american.

It seems to lean towards needing a nominee incorporation structure with nominee shareholders/directore/registered agent. I want to try a Jersey bank or Madeiran bank, one that is fine with a EMI like wirex or even just a wire from kraken, not to mention forex and outright security brokerages. I think I just keep getting mixed up on what it is these banks want to see in order to open an account for an 'entity'. I am guessing without the nominee structures to hide my UBO status the brokerages won't be as keen, that as well has been really challenging. Although I do plan to get d7 visa status in Portugal, and eventual permanent residency (requires 5 years or quarter million dollar investment).

My plan was to be a financial manager paid officer compensation on subsection F income tax with trader tax status, and try to get foreign tax credit, travel in the EU enough to avoid secondary tax residency. So some income is exempt.

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