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Sending a full list of EMIs is not really a solution :p
Do any of your clients use Wisе/Revоlut?
I am confident that we have had clients who purchased cryptocurrency through Wise. However, I am not certain about the current situation, as there may have been changes on their end.
Can you open corporate accounts with crypto wallets?

Hello Kranders,
Could you elaborate on what you mean? We open corporate accounts similarly to any other licensed, centralized crypto exchange or custody provider. We specialize in serving businesses, and you'll receive a dedicated address.

What does invoice say?

When you open an account with us, you transfer EUR from an account under the same name (WISE or any other EMI or bank) and purchase crypto. This process does not involve invoices or similar documentation. Could you please clarify the intended use or solution you are looking for that involves invoices?
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