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Payment gateway for EVC (Expedia Virtual Card)


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Jan 17, 2021
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Hello. I've been reading the forum for a long time, thank you very much for being here. There are a lot of great professionals here and I will be glad if you can advise me on a payment gateway for accepting payments from Expedia virtual cards (EVC)
My UK company has been engaged in short-term apartment rentals for 5 years. We rent villas and apartments from the owners for long-term rent and rent them out to tourists on a daily basis. Now we use Connectum, in principle everything is fine. But since we are growing every year as a company, I believe that we can add one more payment gateway. On the Internet they write that you can connect a Stripe, write to technical support and they will activate the special category 7011. I also heard about Rapyd. They seem to accept such cards too.

I will be glad if your advice helps me, thank you.
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How about worldpay ?

They are UK based and would be possibly able to help you.
Thank you. Sent them a request but haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, we are negotiating with three service providers and one has already pre-approved us after an interview and sent us a quote and terms.
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Want to mention the service providers here?
We are negotiating, there are nuances with the person responsible for us, maybe we will change or add and as they say, after that they will be ready to accept us.
made us an offer, we are waiting for a response from a couple more merchants and then we will make a decision.
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You really need to do proper due diligence with whatever these two are coming with or refer to you. Better open a thread for each of the processors suggested by them before you make a final decision to make use of them.

We had very bad experience with some of the payment processors who they referred to, that said they also had some good ones, but it requires proper research.
Small updates (big ones):

Fibonatix As it turned out, he made us an offer, but did not approve us yet), although at first he said that only after approval he would give us a price calculation, etc. We corresponded with them for a very long time, once we had a phone call. They themselves do not know what they want, for example:

Fibonatix - We need you to make changes to the site
I - What changes are needed?
Fibonatix - Don't know
I - I don’t understand you, you write that changes are needed, but you don’t know what to change?
Fibonatix - I don’t know, but suddenly they will be needed

This is almost a verbatim dialogue))

In the end, I begged, otherwise there is no other way to say, that they send a list of the documents that we still need. I sent them and attention, they write:

Fibonatix - Where are the documents of the owner who lives in the UK?! I told you about this on the phone!

This is an absolute lie! They didn't tell us anything! They didn't even hint!

Bottom line.
I quarreled with them because I think it’s impossible to work with their approach, they’re lying, they’re stalling for time!

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