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Personal HK bank account

If you check the forum, there are quite some people that were able to do so.

Don't believe this BS.
Been an HK HSBC Premier for over a decade.

Had people, living in HK, who didn't believe how come I had an account with HSBC despite them being living there and with cash to deposit. And this was well before CRS.

There's no chance they will open your account remotely. Definitely not for a normal account. Then you are able to believe anything
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Are we getting off topic now ?
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Are we getting off topic now ?
I am (low-key) insinuating to OP that a visit is needed for something like this. Most things can be resolved face-to-face. Inviting your banker to dinner at Man Wah is (almost) guaranteed to land you an account, and OP gets to enjoy the trip and some of the best cuisine Hong Kong has to offer. The banker will have actual photos of the OP at Man Wah. ;)

All OP has to do is juxtapose the "Options"


If the banker seems "unimpressed/disinterested," I would kindly ask him to refer me to his personal favorite "service provider" with whom he works so I can invite the service provider to dinner at Man Wah and discuss my business/wealth management.

Or...OP can be magnanimous and invite his own service provider if he thinks that would help. ;)

I lost count of how many accounts I opened in Hong Kong by inviting bankers to dinner at Man Wah or other equally impressive restaurants. All I know for sure is that NOT a single account has been denied using this method or similarly effective sugarcoating strategies.

PS. Now, the cat is OUT of the bag! stupi#21
I set up an account with Hang Seng through their Causeway Bay branch, thanks to an HK banker I know. They wanted at least 500k in there and suggested investing in their indexes, but I found a clever way to sidestep that requirement. It's handy for handling big transactions in Asia, and it's a nice middle ground between Dubai, the USA, and Singapore.
500k in which currency?
how many of these accounts that didn't get denied are opened ?
All of them!

Before you visit Hong Kong, swing by Confiserie Sprüngli on Bahnhofstrasse 67, buy two 500-gram boxes of Pralines & Truffles, and take one for the banker's children/wife and one for his parents. ;)

It's the same as a wife or girlfriend: if we stop giving her presents, chocolate, and flowers, she'll dump us and find someone else who does. smi(&% ;)