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Points to Note in Offshore company formation.


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Jan 3, 2009
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I would like to bump this thread even if it is 3 y.o - so many here on the forum ask the same questions in regards to requirements to incorproate a offshore company over and over again so I feel the above links will help them :)
Please open a new thread next time, if it is a old thread without comments it may not have the communities interest ;)
Sure Admin! Looking around the forum it seems this list is still valid and relevant to most of the forum users here who are looking for a offshore company and offshore bank account to be incorporated.
Agree, no need to comment this any longer :D I will keep this thread open so people hopefully may use it to comment when they don't understand the requirements to incorporate a offshore company.
Isn't it just a simple published Article from cclogic?

September 15, 2009 -- Offshore company formation is one of the best instruments used in the online dealings to protect yourself as well as your business against liabilities. Most folks also use to shield their businesses against huge fines set forth by acquiring banks and payment processors.
Offshore company formation comes with several advantages such as; zero percent tax on profits created outside jurisdiction, minimal regulatory compliance requirements and capability of maintaining the formation of the company. Many people opt for offshore company formation since it is a cost effective way of running a profitable business.

You can circumvent common mistakes as you embrace the remunerations of forming such a company if only you are well conversant with the helpful tips and hints such as;

First, you will have to select the perfect location for your offshore company-Given that some jurisdictions offer lower tax rates than others, you must be sure to compare different jurisdictions. You must remember that, jurisdiction offering lower tax rates may be a little harder for operation. This is due to bank regulations or other available laws. Consider a location where, if you derive no profit from the jurisdiction, taxes can be reduced. The location must be a place where you can set up your company to achieve a null tax liability.

Secondly, consider the simplicity of operation more than the lower taxes-Prior to any offshore company formation; you must keep in mind that various countries have different laws that might affect you company in one way or another. There are certain jurisdictions more favorable for specific type of business, so you will have to unearth the best related to your type of business. An area where it is very simple to operate your business is more significant than just a low taxed area. For this matter, simplicity of operation is more important than tax.

Another vital hint is that you must take advantage of the fewer reporting requirements-Some authorities necessitates your company information to be reported much less than less than others.Therefore, bear in mind to utilize this advantage every time you are thinking about what jurisdiction to select for your offshore company formation.Futhermore, if you want to keep reporting at a minimum, then opt for a place where your company information will be required under extreme circumstances. Jurisdiction with less reporting requirements will be more convenient since there will be no time wastage.

Last but not least, always keep in mind your asset protection-Any time you are in need of an offshore company formation remember that there are some ways you can get your assets protected from any form of liability. It is advisable to get a professional expert to help you manage all the assets and venture transactions in a safe way, since the level of protection depends greatly on the selected jurisdiction.

With all this information at hand, you are good to go. You can proceed with your process in offshore company formation immediately you are fully equipped. Countries such as Belize, Seychelles as well as British Virgin Island are among the unsurpassed location for your company

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