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I would seriously beware of this company.


The website is octapay.com

Filled out an application for merchant processing after getting their email. Was approved for an account and had a API for integration the same day.... told I could process up to 50k a month.

Problem is I used all bullshit info on the application. fake ssn, birthday... name... even the company i used and website was all just babble.

They list a address of Jacksonville Florida, the realtor that handles the building has never heard of them. (Medical office building as well)

VOIP phone with a Delaware number, another is a Ukraine number.

In a chat the agent "Rebeca Baker" (oooh what an American name!!) Told me the reason that the realtor that handles the office building in Florida has never heard of them is they are a new buisiness...
I explained that he is the one that actually rets the offices in that building... she assured me that its just because they are new (website says 12 years experience and 13k clients)

While i have no direct proof they are a scam... the above are all facts... and getting approved on a high risk merchant acct in a day for 50k a month is reason enough for me.


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Yes, I received an email from Rebecca and Octapay too...they are the same owners of IPayTotal, another major scammer scheme


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Just another "rebrand" of Ipaytotal I am sure. Definitely when its too easy to obtain, specially offshore merchant accounts, more than likely its a money grab.


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I would seriously beware of this company.


The website is octapay.com
And the website is gone :D

I think they also have www.octapay.fund

They already smile about all the people they are going to rip off and scam :D

If people don't understand what this is about go here

Martin Everson

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I think they also have www.octapay.fund ? I had a mate of mine do the same things as you did. Fill an app with bogus info, and he got pre-approved in 3 hours....

lol....and these scammers and fraudsters most of time think its a victimless crime. Depsite some of these scammers given sentences like 115 years in US it seems it does not deter new ones from trying. Authorities needs to start burying people that do these kind of scams under the prison.


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I'm happy to be a member of this forum to notice such scams quickly. Various members around really know the shit.
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