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Processing CC outside the US and EU


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May 12, 2009
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What are your suggestions? At the moment we are using PayPal and 123Ticket for payments. We would like to receive CC payments as well.

These are details about our business:

1. Web service with legal content(no adult), selling worldwide, located in Eastern Europe.

2. Web based service with log in (user must log in to access the service) + shopping cart for selling books

3. Price range for services: $2 to $30, mostly $2 to $5. It is start up so we can't anticipate the monthly volume, but we expect it to be no less then $1,000.

3. For doing business outside the US, we can use US Delaware LLC company without US tax id number. We don't have US or EU company bank account, neither a merchant account.

Thanks for the help.


there are many- depends mainly on your type of business.

If it is software - try out Digital river, Cleverbridge or Gate2Shop

If it is other goods- you have worldpay, paypal pro, chronopay.

if it is some riski things :) - i dont know....