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First of all, sorry for my broken English.

I own 2 single family homes as investment properties on my own name. My goal is to get as many investment properties i can and as income will increase, also my tax. I really legally to avoid paying taxes. Or, at least to pay taxes as the law require., no more, or even paying 0 taxes, as more wealthy people are doing.

I want to start offshore account, be a asset protection for my properties, maybe buy properties from this company and save a lots of cash if possible.
But i have no idea how to start, where to open, do i need an lawyer for this? Do i need some people to manage this offshore account. Honestly i want to have control of it.
How to make this as anon? So the bank or country wont relieve who i am.
How to get money and use for myself, without triggering some illegal thing?
Should i transfer from offshore account to my personal account?

I am so confused.


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Where are you based ? Where is the property located ? Where to you intend to buy ?


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Out of my own experience I can assure you that using a US Inc/LLC /HK /NZ / Austrialia or EU corp will work in Germany. (with proper documents) If you try to use anything like Belize,Panama ... you will get in trouble. As soon as the Finanzamt has the file on the desk problems will start.