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  1. B

    Real estate investing, offshore, tax,buying properties from offshore

    First of all, sorry for my broken English. I own 2 single family homes as investment properties on my own name. My goal is to get as many investment properties i can and as income will increase, also my tax. I really legally to avoid paying taxes. Or, at least to pay taxes as the law require...
  2. João Silva

    What is the catch with these real estate?

    Hotel for sale in the area of “Xera”, Porto Buffalo, Argiro, Evia,Greece. (Greece, Evvoia, ARGIRO) - Property under 20k Property for holiday home (Bulgaria, Khaskovo, golqmo asenovo) - Property under 20k Size of land 1270 m²? Really? My house is 300m² overral and 200m² build and I think...