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Remittance FROM Nepal to EU countries.


New member
I have clients in Nepal - that needs to pay for online services..

Getting money out from nepal seems to be a he** of hard time ..

Any suggestions - want to avoid paypal .. and WU ..

Have stripe -have Transferwise and some other options..

Suggestions ?


Active Member
What’s the difficulty with wiring from Nepal? Lots of compliance and paperwork requested ?

work with an Fx broker if there is no issue with wiring funds out


New member
* Bitcoin - noone in nepal sells bitcoin (checked localbitcoins - buying btc outside nepal needs to - tada - send money abroad ? not allowed

* Wiring outside nepal= not allowed - noteven Western union office in nepal allows you to send money OUT of nepal .. only in to nepal ..

Its a catch 22 moment .. ;) lots of customers inside nepal - with money in hand .. no one can buys bitcoin -and cannot send out of nepal ...
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