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Renewal fees for your offshore company.


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Jan 8, 2009
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I have been looking at many Agent websites which show you the pricing of offshore company formation for instant in the Caribbean (BVI), Belize (IBC) or Gibraltar, but they don't tell you that you have to pay a renewal fee.

This is something you need to have within your budget since it can be not little you have to pay, in some cases I saw a renewal fee which wasn't higher then the offshore company formation fee.
clemens said:
If you have any company regardless if it is a local or offshore company then you will have annual costs for it. But sure, you need to have an idea of what this annual expenses are.
True but if you want to sell your offshore company formation services, then you need to tell people all the costs involved, else it makes no sense and ppl will get suprised which again will course you troubles.
Interesting thread. I wasn't so sure if the renewal fee being the subject of this thread is for the agent's services or for the business' registration in the host country.

There are always annual fees associated with doing business in any location. Renewal of trade licenses is a must. But if the issue is for an agent's services, they're within their right to charge you an annual fee if they are providing you support services throughout the year.

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