Replica Products & Goods: An Online Card Payment,Gateway And Website Integration Guide..

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Replica Products & Goods: An Online Card Payment,Gateway And Website Integration Guide..

As the name suggests, replica products are goods and items that replicates or copy an already existing product, inrelation and taking into consideration its features,uniquness,global appeal,quality etc amongst other criterias.

The basis for replicating a product generally stands behind branding, perceived global user appeal,profitability, fashion trends,
accessibility globally and price.
All replica products in nature closely looks similar, functions ,and is at most times branded in the same style and sense of an original product.

One might ask why do replica products exist Globally? well the mainstay to that would be, replica products cover and achieve certain parameters, like overall affordability price, aesthetic feel,functionality; and at comparison with an original product in its class/category might be, that its more affordable,delivers a similar or an added functionality, readily available market etc.

The existence of Replica products tends to cut across various class categories from luxury goods,fashion, Technology,
finance,general commodities and the list just goes on.

Due to the following factors such as;

1.a readily available market exists for willing buyers.
2. organised operational structures.
3. functional distribution channels.
4. purchasing power exists.

most importantly replica goods consists of a dynamic factor which lies within a global consideration for replica products and mass appeal.

A hypothetical scenerio would be a lady in Italy, desires to have a Gucci bag with that specific style which she simply adores daily, with every glance at the Gucci Flagship Store In Malpensa, On her way to work daily.

whilst at her work place, she constantly day dreams on what it would be like to have such a bag in her possession,what an envy she would be amongs her friends.

she puts thought into action, gets out her laptop, the famous google search engine comes alive, at an instance she comes across the same Gucci bag,with similar aesthetics,color,logo and most importantly a quoted price thats at least three times cheaper than her daydreams of the original. she gets estatic, pulls out her credit/debit card and purchases the said product online as she awaits her order delivery within a couple of days.

For the above scenario,the key to purchasing a replica product online
would be access to a PSP, gateway, an API integration enabled website that translates and focuses on the clients card inputs,successful processor settlements into sales and most importantly profits.

The aforementioned criterias can in no way be ignored, as without full functionality, A foray into the world of replica products, evident sales and profits would be far from achievable for an owner/seller of replica goods.

The current scenario and headache for owners and sellers of replica products alike would be ; and you just guessed it, website integration, online card payments resulting to sales and profits.

The inability to carryout online sales equals doom and gloom, as this pratically translates into:
2.unmovable/unsold inventory, costs, 4.depreciating costs et al.

a perspective no owner/seller with a high sanity scale, readily needs to experience or be associated with.

With considerations to the above dilema at hand, a solution, a guide, blue print would be a sure life saver.

Practically all PSP providers dislike or better still abhor Replica goods as this could lead to Legal headaches, imposed fines, loss of licencing amongst several negative variable factors.

Processors avoid replica products like a Bad ankle with crutches. whilst owners and sellers see replica goods as a lifeline and cash cow..regardless both parties have reasonable points to be at loggerheads with each other.

To the rescue would be a few practical steps, a few applicable guidelines to assist and enable owners/sellers of replica products and goods.

Tip A:
An Automated API Integration on a Dummy Website: The first step for owners/sellers of replica goods would be to establish a dummy website with listed products that, are either related or with a slight variance to the actual replica goods requiring an online card payment system.

Eg this could be a dummy website with listed services for outsourcing used products. whilst the quoted prices on the dummy website would be the actual price for the replica products.

Clients purchasing the replica products, carryout final order procedures on the replica website and page,at the cart checkout page, buyer gets autodirected to card payment page for onwards input of card details.
once initiated and card inputs made, processor receives payment signal for onwards settlement to Sellers merchant dashboard.

with the above scenario executed successfully,a win win situation for both parties involved would be realized.

Tip B:
Furthermore owners/sellers of replica products would need a processor/gateway that enables or provides access to 3Ds email payment links via merchant account dashboard. this option best suits replica product owners/sellers with an average sales of 15k€ -50k€ monthly sales, as this relates to direct online payment links sent to buyers email and requires a semi manual input.

an executed scenario for the above, would be the owner/seller of replica products would create a checkout page on the replica goods website, with information criterias/inputs consisting of the following;
1.buyers email
2.cost of products
3.required number of items
4.shipping address
etc. in the web page form interface.

An evident input of all the details above, by buyer would be channeled directly to sellers email.

on recieving the order details from buyer, seller would proceed to create an order received invoice along with 3Ds card payment link, which is sent directly from sellers email to the buyers email.

buyer receives the 3Ds email link, clicks on it and is auto directed to card payment page, buyer inputs all card details etc. a successful online card purchase notification is sent to both parties. buyer proceeds to ship out order, and simultaneously the chosen processor advances to execute settlement to sellers merchant dashboard account.

With regards both scenario, the seller of replica products would need to consider a few criterias, such as:
final settlement of payment jurisdiction, bank account receiving
settled funds etc.

An ideal scenario would be a merchant processor that allows for integration of banking account direct to sellers merchant dashboard account.

The seller at his discretion sends/authorizes the settled funds balance to the bank account attached to merchant dashboard.

a few merchant processors exist, that would readily provide several channels where settled funds in seller merchant dashboard account would be marked for onward settlement to several popular payment channels via a SEPA ,Swift, ACH, Crypto wallet etc. as needed.

In conclusion regardless of the Processor type chosen, the adopted Method, towards receiving online card payments for replica goods from buyers etc, should be inline with the sellers average weekly and monthly sales,Jurisdiction of purchasing clients,API website integration of choice,Dummy website,3Ds mail links.

The top priority for owners/sellers of replica products; would be the Ability to carryout the sales of replica products longterm, consistently and Globally.

While concurrently Enabling a pratical standard and ease for potential buyers, to purchase the replica products listed on sellers website via online card payments while applying the above scenarios as indicated.

NB: The 3Ds email links would be applicable and pratical to the following scenarios
1.where the seller has a predetermined client base, familiar with his already existing product offering.
2.Goods Items such as CBD and neutraceutical based category.
3. Sellers without a Website
4. Subscription based Services
5.Highrisk products.
Amongst other activities requiring online card payments.

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It's damn difficult to get any valid payment processor for your replica business. That said, I have seen some methods in the mentor group as well.

However, most will struggle even the guide above is a great help for them.


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the above guide, would enable users get a general blueprint on how to go about receiving card payments for replica products, steps to prioritize etc

methods in the mentor group are of immense value, practical and achievable to say the least.

the MG methods point out various scenarios, setup steps,for different services and product types, jurisdictions and which scenarios to use..

for replica products certains tweaks mentioned in the mentor group works as well.


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the above guide, would enable users get a general blueprint on how to go about receiving card payments for replica products, steps to prioritize etc
which still will varie alot depending on each individual business case!

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