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Review on Panama Corporations, my personal opinion only!


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Apr 11, 2009
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Panama corporations and foundations are the most widely known place to incorporate a company or to establish a foundation for privacy and avoiding tax, however, it’s popularity it gains from the many Lawyers and consultancies which for centuries have promote the country for what it originally was, today the time has changed, the recession didn’t helped, and Panama has entered into Tax Information Agreements with a few of the world’s leading and most powerful countries which also holds the most people which have the money they want to place offshore.

In my personal opinion it is not worth to spend resources and energy on an establishment there while it in a very few years will went out you have to move everything to for instant the Seychelles or the few others places left.
When the crowd is going in one direction then you should find you own path to keep yourself protected as long as possible.

Personally I would never have any business activities in Panama but rather find a offshore jurisdiction which dosen't is in the middle to sign any tax information exchange agreement and which has a point of view which differes from all the other tax havens.
this is fun.. 9 years ago the last reply was posted and the user hasn't be around since 2015 - I would love to hear what the outcome of it was back then and if the company that was registered at that time still is alive.