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In any case his lawyer will be able to inform him if its just a case of you will owe 1 million and there will be a lien against you if you lose. That's best outcome rather than some sort of fraud case etc reported to police that your in court for alongside the agreement breach :confused:.
@lory do you have any details? Who "owes" the money (person or company) and what are the claimed criminal charges? What do the lawyers say, are the criminal claims substantiated or is it the normal "hot air" case?
I thought Dubai was an option, but maybe things changed in recent times? please double check

Things have changed. Your fate depends on whether the Sheikh had sex or not the night before and the relationship between country of extradition and UAE current geopolitical interests.
Countries usually do not like to extradite, especially when the victims are not the state but other individuals. Most countries do not extradite a person convicted under 1, 2, 3 years. Depending on the country, you cannot be extradited from Switzerland for a sentence under 2 years, I believe. The USA and Canada, I believe, do not extradite for sentences under 5 years. I know cases when a person forced 15 employees to take out bank loans in their name, for themselves, and then moved from Romania to the Netherlands. The victims sent photos from Facebook and showed pictures including the school where their daughter went in the Netherlands. They were never extradited to Romania.

generally, countries have extradition agreements that establish the conditions under which individuals can be extradited. Typically, a country will not extradite someone for minor offenses or short sentences. It is possible that certain countries have different rules regarding extradition based on the length of the sentence. It is important to check the specific laws for each country to confirm the details.

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