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To open an Offshore Bank Account or Offshore Company some advice!

If you search online for consultants who claim they can help you with offshore banking then be careful as to which websites you trust. Web sites you should avoid include those that have a business address as a P.O. Box or a 'Suite'.

The business address should be displayed where everyone can see it and be a postal address that can be located if necessary. If the site is on a free web host this should also be avoided and if the written English language is poor, the alarm bells should be ringing.
Please have in mind that many companies doing the offshore company formation services, are located in countries or islands where the native language isn't English... so poor English language isn't always a sign... but sure... the real services almost have their website checked for commong typos.
If you want to be really safe and you have a sizeable investment, hire an investment banker or get professional advice from an investment bank. Whether you're dealing with brick-and-mortar businesses or online consultants, do your research and check out their papers.