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thank you for sharing this lin freal....

Twitter Can Be a Primary Traffic Source
Reports suggest that social networking is now more popular than email. Twitter in particular grew 33% in only a month according to Compete data. Skittles increased its own traffic by 1332% in one day after a campaign that sent Skittles.com directly to a Tweet-stream (the site has since moved to different strategies of a similar nature like a Facebook page and currently a Wikipedia entry, which is in itself another interesting story).
This part I like... and it informative in regards to drive traffic to your online business.... will defiantly look more into this.
Twitter is a social networking site designed to interact with a large group of people and thus making itself one of the special tools for marketing with lots of potential.If everything happens as predicted twitter would be the most effective marketing tool.
I have seen in recent times a number of companies that have their own twitter pages. If it actually helps them improve sales I am not sure though. It seems to me that there are other ways which should be able to help more.

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