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Nov 20, 2023
North Cyprus
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Benz or freezing funds are frustrations for everyone. At UniqPayments we help high-risk projects to prevent such things. We save your time and money in order to provide you with the best Storage solutions on the market!

We specialize in setting up fully anonymous Stripe accounts with withdrawals to crypto or any bank account, passing any verifications, and providing responsive support and guidelines for using the setup safely.

Our service includes:
  • Stripe account with passed selfie verification
  • Passing of any other verifications that can occur
  • Legal entity documents (UK, HK, US, CY) registered on our nominees
  • Payoneer account (or other bank upon request)
  • Responsive technical support service
  • Proxy website, that will be as trustable as possible for Stripe to cloak your real website, custom proxy iframe integration
Great solution for any type of e-commerce business, including high-risk ones. Our team has more than 2 years experience working with E-com, Nutra, iGaming, Forex.

The process of our work goes as follows:
  1. We receive an advance payment from you (we also work with trusted MM)
  2. Start preparing the account (open the company, develop proxy website, open the Stripe account itself)
  3. Then we pass the selfie verification
  4. Transfer the account to you with detailed instruction on how to safely use the Setup
Stripe (per transaction) commission - 2.9%
Withdrawal to Payoneer - 1%
Withdrawal to usdt - 1.5-2% (depends on the volume)
For Payoneer - USDT exchange, we provide our partner, or you can use other trusted exchanges.

In case a Stripe account block occurs and it is not related to breach of any of our guidelines for the setup and chargeback rate was less than 1 percent when ban occured, we make the maximum effort to solve the problem together with the client and replace that account.

It is strictly PROHIBITED to use our service for activities such money transmitting fraud, scam.

Also, please note, there has to be a gradual warm-up during the first month or so for account safety.

Once the selfie verification is successful, you can begin to gradually accept payments within acceptable limits per each setup.

1-2 weeks: up to $200-$300/day
3-5 weeks: up to $1000/day
6-9 weeks: up to $3000+/day
Once Gross Volume crosses the $100,000-$150,000 mark, you can scale more aggressively (if your business allows it)

Our price model :

— $2500 for 1 Stripe account + legal entity documents and sole access to it+ Payoneer + passing selfie and other verifications is on us + a proxy website that will be as trustable as possible for Stripe
— $300 optional for our custom iframe integration

— $2000 same offer, but without a proxy website, we will allocate a call for recommendations on the preparation of the proxy website upon the request

Discount of 10% and more applied for purchasing 3+ setups.

—There is also a possibility of revenue share (percentage from turnover), but we would request more info about your project in order to make you a tailored offer.

We kindly ask you to check with us first if it's a suitable solution for your project.

For details and further discussion:

- PM
- Telegram: @michael_uniqpayment
- Linktree , to schedule a consultation with us

You can also follow our reviews thread on the forum.

In case of contacting via telegram double-check via PM with us for additional security !
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How can it be anonymous if you have to do selfie verification ?
Thank you for your question. While the term 'anonymous' may not fully apply to selfie verification, rest assured that our procedures prioritize client privacy. We offer fully verified setups, and, if needed for enhanced security and Stripe account safety, we create a proxy website to cloak the original client service. Our nominee oversees selfie verification and any additional verifications upon request, ensuring a trustworthy and confidential process for our clients. If you have more specific questions or would like additional details, please feel free to reach out via a PM.