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  1. GoGoldPro

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    There is a lot of confusion in regards to offshore banking and the opening of bank accounts offshore so this information and topic comes in handy. Thanks for the shares.
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  2. aris

    aris Offshore Agent

    Offshore banking is what all banks outside of the USA and Europe is considered with a few exception as Delaware and Cyprus!
  3. mert

    mert Offshore Agent Business Angel

    For people in Romania Cyprus or Belize offshore banking is great. You won't have troubles to get an account there and it makes live and your business much easier!
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  4. mert

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    There can be tax reasons for why you want to incorporate your business as an BRANCH in the Netherlands.
  5. Admin

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    No you are totally right with that statement.
  6. Admin

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    As soon as something illegal is going on there you get troubles. This apply for onshore and offshore banks!
  7. cangarooo

    cangarooo Offshore Agent

    Long time not reading about all my options, I still own an old Seychelles company banking I lost because I didn't renewed the company on time! Now I read lots about Belize, Bahamas and Mauritius offshore banking. This seems to be an good alternative to Cyprus banking.
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  8. sigurdto

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    Thank you, great share really. May I ask what is it you are looking for at an offshore bank to make sure they an be trusted and that you get your money when you request it?

    How can you avoid the bank to start a review of your accounts so they will put your money on hold?
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  9. Admin

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    Yeah if you want something else than Cyprus you can go with a Belize bank otherwise you can just open an account in all 3 countries so you get covered in case something should happen with one bank you can switch to the next.
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  10. Admin

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    You keep the ball low, means you don't start moving in or out high amounts but get started slowly.
  11. sinmaster

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    Awesome reading and it was the information that drive me directly from Google to this wonderful forum.. I enjoy every minute here. Thanks guys.
  12. RamsayB

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    I love the benefits of Offshore banking. Even if its somehow a tax evasion crime to other people, we can't deny the fact that its very legal and will save you a lot of money in the future run of your business!
  13. DeMajor

    DeMajor Offshore Agent Business Angel

    Offshore banking is the most important part of your entire setup. You must open more than just 1 bank account, make sure that you get accounts opened in different offshore jurisdiction to spread your risk! It's important!
  14. wonderwilly

    wonderwilly Offshore Agent

    when you consider an offshore bank account you want to make sure that the bank has it's own swift code and they provide fast Internet banking in English. I have just seen something that was terrible bad from an bank in the Caribbean total crap.
  15. torja

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    I read that there is no interest on offshore accounts is that true? I mean I only care of privacy but I was convince that offshore accounts pay interest so onshore accounts do!
  16. crispgo

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    Can you please tell me what is the best bank in Cyprus for offshore banking? I have no idea about it and see many names mentioned here and on forums all around. When I contact one they don't reply and don't tell me how I can be a customer there??
  17. newtooffshore

    newtooffshore VIP Offshore Investor Mentor Group Sponsor

    I have not seen any interest to be paid for holding an account anywhere in any offshore jurisdiction yet. The whole thing is that the banks earn on people that want their money to stick on their bank and they know it.
  18. newtooffshore

    newtooffshore VIP Offshore Investor Mentor Group Sponsor

    You can't contact any of the banks directly in Cyprus for account opening you need to find an introducer for this purpose. They will
  19. infotrader

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    According to Forbes, more than half of the global assets are in offshore jurisdictions. Even with the tightening tax laws, you are at serious advantage of tax reduction. Apart from that, offshore banking offers benefits such as asset protection and confidentiality. Investor also gets to invest in multiple currencies. Those are the simple points I summed up after reading several guides here. Correct me if I am wrong.
  20. redeye

    redeye Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor

    Any reason for why Romania? I find most people will benefit from these offshore jurisdictions!!