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  1. suzy

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    Nice share, thanks Admin ;)
  2. kolagin

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    What about Belize bank and they don't accept USD incoming transfers at the moment? Any other bank better than Cyprus and Belize still offshore available?
  3. pesto

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    Does services like LeyPay, WorldCore, Payoneer, AdvCash count as offshore banking or are they just service providers of payment services?
  4. CoinMaster

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    Do you count LeuPay, Advance Cash, Xapo, WorldCore and similar services as offshore bank now that they can be opened 100% anonymous? I was just wondering because I'm looking into it as an alternative to a real bank. All these services offer a debit card!!
  5. maxmoney

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    I think not right :mad:
  6. lostman

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  7. lostman

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    If you use the dark documents as they are called here on the forum, you can deposit any money on any of these What is the best Digital Account Provider around? services!
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  8. I'mRobot

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    I was just to ask if that was considered to be an offshore account in these days!
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  9. utibi

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    It is offshore right? but not anonymous correct?
  10. Gunter

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    For real banking it is great. Also to be a citizen of Romania don't involve any risk to open an offshore account and get reported they don't have a damn control of the people there :)
  11. Gunter

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    True it is offshore account!