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What is the most anonymous crypto currency to pay with?

PivX I can use with my ledger nano S so this may be the best currency for me. How sure can we be that they can't trace the mentioned crypto's ?
I read it's anonymous and I checked they are supported by the ledger nano s which I ordered and hopefully will receive this coming week.
If you are using a VPN and an external server for you bitcoin wallet would you still say it would be traceable your bitcoins?
Samurai wallet hides your IP using TOR
There's some VPN that store your details, so choose one that doesn't logs anything
Don't use Bitcoins purchased by yourself from any exchange that you made the KYC

Even with all of that you can get caught by other ways
Most often you want to use VPN's that don't store any information, ProtonVPN is Swiss based and claim they don't store information at all. I have tested them for some time and the network they setup is stable. It's the Paid service I'm tested.

If Samurai (as suggested by GiGoGo) is using TOR it may be the best options since it is known that the TOR network has a "freedom of privacy" mindset and is 99% safe.

You want ot change your wallet frequently and the BTC strin you send to people to be sure no one can connect the same wallet and string to the wallet you are using.
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That's a great option, but if you send the coins to say kraken or MisterTango or similar they will get mixed already if I'm not wrong.
Using a mixer between wallets can be also a good idea, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash Mixer
Bad idea.
That's a great option, but if you send the coins to say kraken or MisterTango or similar they will get mixed already if I'm not wrong.
You will receive different coins but they are easily traceable. Switching to another cryptocurrency helps.
True, but thats not real mixing because on those services you have to pass KYC rules, so when some authority asks them they will provide both the incoming and outgoing transaction details.
Even without KYC it is easy to follow you by blockchain.

Privacy coins are the only reliable solution.

The following research paper describes this pretty well.

Ok, just read the paper. They tested 3 services in 2013 with the following results:
1. "Although our input has been used by the service, it is not possible to find any direct connections between the input and output transactions"
2. "The service Bitcoin Fog bundles a large number of small transactions into a small number of large transactions, which are then used to create all outgoing transactions. The input transactions, however, remain untouched for a long time. This way, the service prevents us from detecting any direct connections between the input and output transaction in the transaction graph "
3. "In the first experiment, we were able to find a connection between one output and our input. Although the direct link makes up only a small part of the transaction size, it is evidence for imperfect anonymization. The second experiment did not reveal any connections."

I am not saying using a mixer provides 100% protection from everything, but based on this paper I definitely wouldn't say its a "bad idea" to use a mixer, or "it is easy to follow" a transaction when a mixer (with a decent mixing algorithm) was used. Switching to another cryptocurrency can also work of course, but sometimes it could cost more at the end.
Thank you for the article but it is more like to learn about how to trace these bitcoins easely and what you have to do i.e. tools, websites etc etc?
So if we sum it all up, no one has any real tools to show or any real information but just relay on what they read online! I'm suprised :)
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Well, I have it but the moment I make it public it would become useless
nonsense, why would it be useless! if it is a tracing tool everyone that want to trace bitcoins and is in a position to trace such will already use it. I'm sure if I do a Google search lot's will pull up there already.

For instant:

Just pick one, they will not be useless in the future.
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