What kind of banks offer a merchant account for a uk offshore company?

Discussion in 'How to accept credit card payments' started by ogame, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. ogame

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    still waiting for my company to get incorporated. but once done , my next step is to create a merchant bank account so i could add a credit card payment .

    Any idea with what bank i should go? and what payment portal gateway should i use?

    and given i live in lebanon will any of the above be a problem to me?
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    There are lots around depending on your business and your requirements. Wirecard, RBS WorldPay, 2checkout and many more.
  3. niggashit

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    You have zero chance to get merchant account from Worldpay. They check credit score. You will need some UK friend.
  4. negon

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    When did you applied the last time for a MA with them?
  5. niggashit

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  6. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    So you may know this does not apply for foreign accounts! You seem to be very colored about all of this to benefit your own business in the near future! You are not at all objective but draw your conclusion out of your own interest. Worldpay extends real-time payouts to over 50 countries | Worldpay

    Stick to the facts! To all others on this forum, don't trust everything that is posted in the threads to reverse check on all what you read.
  7. niggashit

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    That's 50 countries does not include my country. I only had chance with Firstdata :)
  8. ogame

    ogame Member

    ill be contacting all of these companies, just waiting to get my company incorporated.

    my business will be selling voip calls minutes

    2checkout and worldpay looks pretty professional ... worldpay has good rates .. so having my fingers crossed
  9. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Voip is high risk business.

    Good luck:)
  10. ogame

    ogame Member

    High risk in what sense? ive worked for several voip co's for more than 8 years,never have ivce seen something which is super risky

    can you elaborate?
  11. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and telecommunications are a major international sector. Despite the industry’s growth it is still classified by banks as high risk due to chargeback rates that exceed the norm. These high chargeback rates will make banks reconsider opening a merchant account with your business just due to the nature of the industry itself, without consideration for your track record and history.

    Simply, High chargeback ratios and Voip not gonna to work. There are thousands of companies now. You gotta to start some unique thing otherwise it's dead end.

  12. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Wait a minute. I do not have any business here. I am multi millionaire. I just helping out people. ;)
  13. ogame

    ogame Member

    theres no charge backs, thats why i dont deal with paypal... i will only do credit cards.... and in the agreement i have prepared, theres a clause that mentions "i have it bolded and in a big font" that no charge backs are allowed.
  14. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    You funny man. Who cares about your texts? Credit card has more chargebacks than PayPal.

    I can open chargeback on credit cards easily. it takes 10 minutes. I have to press one button on my online banking.

    And, customers will get money more easily than paypal chargebacks.
  15. ogame

    ogame Member

    ok.jpg... now go away :)
  16. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Yeah. You will go away in 3 months. Your business will get bankrupt unless you accept Bitcoin.

    I've witnessed one case. My friend had Twilio-like company. He got fucked by chargebacks. Banks not believed him. Everything got shutdown.

    I might suggest to add some fraud protection solutions like VBV and sift science but this is not fool-proof.

    You can try world pay too. They will approve you and in few weeks, Compliance officer will shut down because High risk.
    Worldpay is huge company with automated underwriting tools.

    Real experience bruh. It's fucking painfull.
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