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I'm thinking of starting a small company in the crypto hemisphere. Currently *i could be making* somewhere in the four/five figures a month in pure profit, with the expectation of being able to scale this up rather quickly..
Now i'm a european citizen, and the business is 100% my assets.

I'm guessing what i want to do is incorporate the business in a place where i don't pay (a lot) of taxes over my assets, and over the dividend payment from the profit coming from the company.

But that is not all, i want to partially reinvest these profits in the stock market. (and i'd rather pay the least amount of taxes over the dividend/profit as possible.)
Now i already have an account with a broker in my country of residence, but the question which remains is the following,
If i incorporate in the UK/Seychelles/Hongkong, can i

1. tunnel/declare all the profits from my "crypto business" through said company in the first place, and would i need a bank account in the country of incorporation on title of the company, or would a personal one in the country of my residence be sufficient after the money is taxed? How exactly does this usually work?
2. Use said stock broker in my homecountry through my company (assets would belong to the company, not personal title).
Or would i need to find a brokerage in the country where the company will be incorporated? If not, can i use the account that i've already opened with said brokerage in my country of residence, or will i need to open another one with the company as registrant (since i'm pretty sure it's currently registered on my name..)

I'm just looking for my options here. Sorry if these questions come off as me being ignorant, i'd love to be just pointed in the right direction.

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Are you planning to operate in plan sight or underground? Maybe <<snipped>> is what you are looking for.
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Andrew Gooden

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Why you are posting your REFLINK in every post in this forum?
Sorry if it is affecting you I am just trying to help others. I am not a part of the operation nor do I make any thing from it. Just see it as a solution to some of the problems that comes up on this forum. I will cease as of this moment.

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