What's your experience with pervesk ?


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In a few threads I have seen the EMI & payment processor Reliable & Secure Electronic Payment Services | PERVESK show up as a reference for people that seek a reliable EMI and payment processor.

When looking at their website it's almost like any other EMI, however, when scrolling down the page I noted the "White label solutions"

It let you issue IBAN accounts under your own brand!

So it mean you can setup your own EMI and use this service as a underlaying platform if I'm not taking wrong?

What about the payment processing has anyone tried it, how reliable is it and what are the costs?

Please throw in your comments, opinions and good or bad ;)


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Setup fee 10K; priority fee ¿? 25K (I don't understand this concept); fees for business account is extremely higth (50€/month), and 3000€/month for subscription fees (is too much), but it can be a good solution too get an EMI without complication. It remain to know wich bank is the corresponsal and depositary. possibly it can be the Central banl of Lithuania.


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maintenance fess for business account is extrmely higth (50€/month, and 3000€/month for maintenance is too much
With that money they can hire somebody fulltime just to ask questions about your transfers


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It remain to know wich bank is the corresponsal and depositary. possibly it can be the Central banl of Lithuania.
I am not sure about who are their correspondent banks, but I guess somebody who is seriously looking for their service, will get this information easily. I just know that it's looked after by LT national bank very strongly, so it's pretty much safe bet.


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Their correspondent bank is the Bank of Lithuania, just like every other PI/EMI in Lithuania (plus all foreign PIs and EMIs coming to Lithuania).

Bank of Lithuania is the only central bank to offer semi-direct access to SEPA/TARGET2 and non-bank financial institution are struggling to find partner banks, so everyone is going to Bank of Lithuania for EUR clearing now. That's one of the reasons why so few are able to offer currencies other than EUR.

The whitelabelling services offered by Pervesk are the same services which were part of what got MisterTango in trouble. They were letting anyone who could fill in a couple of PDFs correctly issue IBANs left and right. Might end up being what nails the coffin shut for Pervesk, unless they are more responsible than MT was.

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