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Which NON-CUSTODIAL crypto wallet is the easiest for beginners to use in your experience?


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May 13, 2022
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As the title describes...

I am creating a list of NON-CUSTODIAL crypto wallets that even beginners can use easily without losing their coins or sending them to the wrong networks.

A lot of my buyers' employees (and some suppliers) have lost some money (minor due to the "measure thrice and cut once" strategy), so I am looking for easy UXs so even a Luddite won't trip over himself or herself.

The following, e.g., is a major bump in the road of their understanding and I'm looking to make is seamless transition/execution.


Let me hear your recommendations, please.

PS. This is for wholesale trading, not investments. So, nobody will send Bitcoins to one another. We are using USDT/USDC/DAI (and other crypto) to pay suppliers and clients, because it is fast, borderless, and devoid of human delays.

PSS. I tried Googling "Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets for Dummies," but nothing useful came up! smi(&%
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All in all bitcoin wallet including USDT on Liquid network which can be swapped inside the wallet app (btc - usdt or layer2 bitcoin aka bitcoin on liquid for cheap, fast and confidential transactions).

for big on the shitcoins, exodus.
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there are quite a few claims of funds lost in exodus, like the link above.
While never happened to anyone I know personally while good sec ongoing, it casts a shadow over it.
Stealer malware . Which steals browser passwords,documents & wallets.Depending on the malware they also have keyloggers which log the passwords you enter to decrypt. If a encryption password is used the encrypted wallet file is located in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Exodus\exodus.wallet , but can be brute forced . Make sure to use encryption with a safe password and isolate your System where you have important documents ,wallets etc.. from the one you download random sh***t .
I'm not an expert but along as your only sending and receiving from trusted sources you should be okay right?
The whole quirk about metamask is the browser integration with ethers.js and other JavaScript libraries. But it brings great danger with it , as you can just connect your wallet on a random website and get all your funds stolen .
Crypto newbies are easy pray for drainers .
But yes you are safe if you only send and receive from trusted source but why expose an newbie to such a risk if you could just use any other non web3 wallet .

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